AIFA 2022


Cyril Carabot

Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables

Secrétaire Général & Responsable International


Cyril CARABOT is the Secretary General and International liaison officer of the French Renewable Energy Trade Association (SER), a professional organization gathering more than 450 companies, R&D centers, and Regional development agencies working to ensure a positive regulatory and legislative environment for the development of Renewable Energy in France. Since 2012, the SER is also acting abroad to manage the export activities of the national RE sector, classified as a priority by the French government, to work with bilateral and multilateral international financial institutions, assist foreign government in their strategy to develop RE and to implement capacity building program. Cyril CARABOT started his career as a project manager in GDF-Suez (former name of ENGIE) in the field of micro combined heat and power generation. He then travel across the Atlantic to work for 2 years for the Canadian Wind Energy Association to lay the foundation of the Canadian Wind energy program. After this international experience, Cyril worked for 10 years in France for a consultancy firm in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency and innovation. He joined the SER in 2012. Cyril hold a master degree in Energy Politics and Economy from the National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technics pertaining to the Atomic Energy Commission (INSTN/CEA) and an MBA in Finance from California State University of San Francisco.

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