AIFA 2022


Marcus Heal

Pan Africa Solar

Chief Executive Officer


Marcus is the CEO of Pan Africa Solar now rebranding at Pan Solar as operations are now expanding into the Caribbean and beyond. Since 2011 Pan Solar focused on developing and investing in a 500MW+ pipeline of utility scale solar projects in Nigeria partnering with Canadian developers JCM Power. ‘After spending millions of dollars our first 97MW was fully financed with a single outstanding condition precedent prevented the disbursement of funds. Hope and disappointment are close companions when developing renewable energy projects in Africa.’ We now understand what it takes to develop projects in the toughest markets and what makes them ‘bankable’. Pan Solar entered the home and business scale (C&I) solar markets and installed over 2,000 solar systems in Nigeria and Ghana. We built a successful business, training and employing a team of 250 hardworking local employees at all levels. Pan Solar divested of this business in 2019. We are now also developing projects in Island states where land is scarce. Pan Solar is now growing an expertise in ‘Agri-PV’ – ‘farming’ energy and food on the same land. ‘Solar PV is the ‘mega-trend’ technology in Africa and developing nations that will transform the lives of millions of people – we aim to be at the forefront of this trend.’

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