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We are pleased to introduce you our advisory board ! A group of experts who support and mentor the event using their expertise and knowledge in various sectors.

 Etienne Giros    

Economic development Africa expert 

Etienne Giros, Président, CIAN 

Etienne Giros was nominated Executive Chairman of CIAN (French Council of Investors in Africa) in March 2014, and President in April 2022. He is also President of EBCAM (European Business Association for Africa and the Mediterranean) since June 2018.

Since 2014, he has put his experience of Africa at the service of CIAN and EBCAM member companies.

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 Valérie Levkov    

Energy expert

Valérie Levkov, Senior Vice Président Africa and Middle East, EDF  

She began her professional career with EDF in 1987. She started her career in the R&D Division, where she held several positions, from researcher and project manager to head of a division of 150 engineers, all dedicated to the introduction of new IT technologies in power plants. From 2001 to 2005 she worked in the Purchasing Division, and was in charge of the first cost reduction program within EDF Group. In July 2015, she became the Senior Vice President Africa & Middle East. From June 2018 she is Senior Vice President Africa, Middle East, East Mediterranean.

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 Marc Teyssier dOfeuil    

PPP expert

Marc Teyssier d'Orfeuil, Fondateur et délégué généralClub PPP MedAfrique

Marc TEYSSIER D'ORFEUIL, General Delegate of the Club des PPP, founder and director of the agency Com'Publics in 1994.With its think&do tanks, Com’Publics, through Club PPP MedAfrique, facilitates the emergence of proposals from the public and private sectors and ensure their implementation at the national and local levels. Generally organized in the form of clubs, these think&do tanks, created and run by Com'Publics, are places for debates, meetings and exchanges that enable the work of the various stakeholders to be pooled on subjects such as mobility, agriculture, energy, ageing, gastronomy, tourism, construction, recycling, forestry and public-private partnerships (PPPs).

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 Mossadeck Bally    

Entrepreneurship and formation expert

Mossadeck Bally, Président directeur généralAzalai Hotel

Mossadeck Bally is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Azalaï Hotels Group, a leader in Western Africa managing luxurious hotels in the capital cities of the region. 

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